Cargo surveying demands practical knowledge of a diverse range of subjects; from how goods should be packed, conditioned and treated to survive transport with minimal damage, to assessing the nature, degree and causes of damage.


Cargosurvey inspectors may assist You with this knowledge in particular referring to all types of maritime cargo including general, refrigerated, containerised and bulk. We base on 15 year period of experience in the marine, transport, insurance industry. We have performed over 500 expertises of different cargoes and assisted in recourse actions and claim’s adjusting.


Up to now trusted us shipping lines, P&I Clubs, hauliers’ liability insurers, cargo underwriters.


Our cargo surveyors are certified by The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL), Polish Register of Shipping (PRS), Polish Chamber of Maritime Commerce (KIGM). We are as well the sworn experts.